Sorority Bid Day

Celebrate sisterhood, commitment, and lifelong bonds in style

Bid Day 2024

To honor this momentous occasion, we offer a curated selection of thoughtful gifts that reflect the significance of the day.

Place your orders by August 17, 2024

We recommend placing your order as soon as you can to ensure that your box is complete with each item that was listed.


How does Glow Floral know what sorority my daughter pledged on Bid Day?

As a UA preferred vendor, we will receive the bid day list early morning on Bid Day and will tag each pre- order to the list. Rest assured, if we don't see your daughter's name on the list, we will reach out to you.

What should I put as the shipping address for my bid day order?

1 Sorority Row, Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35403.

This will ensure that your package will be delivered to her sorority house.

When and where will the gift be delivered?

Gifts and Florals will be delivered to your daughter's sorority house beginning August 19. UA Panhellenic sets a delivery schedule and time for each sorority house. Deliveries will begin on August 19 - 20. If you placed your order before August 17, your order will be delivered during the designated delivery day schedule. If your order is placed after the August 17 deadline, deliveries will be made on August 21-23.

The Bid Day delivery schedule will be posted our website once we receive it from UA Panhellenic.

What happens if the recipient doesn't end up pledging a sorority?

We will contact you regarding your order. If your daughter doesn't receive a pledge, we will issue you a credit or refund. Also, we can revise your order and send her a "happy" wishing her a great first week of school.

What happens if a product becomes out of stock after purchase?

If we do run out of a product, we will replace it with something of equal or greater value that can be exchanged for the missing item at a later date or a gift card for that item will be provided. Once the item is in stock, we will contact your daughter about delivery of the item.