Our Team

Meet the Glow Squad!

"If you find a job you love, you'll never work again." – Winston Churchill

We’re all about creating happiness.

That’s why it’s the center of our core values and everything we do. We seek it, find it, share it, give it, feel it, deliver it, and cultivate it. Why? When our clients are happy, good things happen. When good things happen, everybody is happy. It’s the ultimate positive feedback loop. It’s the thing against which we like to measure our success. Whether you are shopping for a floral arrangement, planning a wedding or event, or part of our team - we promise to keep happiness at our core.

Making memories one bloom at a time!

All of our florals are uniquely designed and tailored using only the freshest hand-selected seasonal flowers. Our philosophy is simple, create a glowing experience that is uniquely you! We take a personal approach with every flower delivery, perfectly styled weddings, celebrations, and corporate events.